Interpretation of LOGO

The logo of International Conference on Sustainability Education (ICSE) constitutes bands of 3 colours – BLUE, ORANGE and GREEN. These colours convey a lot more than the first thought that rushes our mind on seeing them.


Blue symbolizes water and planet Earth.

Water is a universal solvent and cleanser. Like water, a child’s mind also absorbs the teachings that we imbibe in them. So, why not teach them about the good of the planet, to conserve water and protect nature and its resources, fight climate change at an early stage before it’s too late.


Is orange a colour or a fruit? Neither of them, can we say it as O-RANGE or Out of the box-RANGE. Orange is a colour of Energy, Creativity and most importantly CHANGE.

This colour gives a strong message to the whole world that we have had enough of ignorance and it is the time to change our lifestyles towards a sustainable future. It is the time to bring creativity and energies of all the individuals together and encourage the human race to think out of the box and come up with some creative solutions to sustainability issues.


Traditional and new meaning of the colour GREEN are totally contrasting. Where our forefathers took it as a symbol of Greed, today, it is interpreted as Safety, Earth, Growth, Health and all the positive traits possible.

In the logo, GREEN colour conveys the message to end our Greed towards Earth’s resources and leave a safe and healthy planet for generations to come. GREEN gives us a reminder to leave this EARTH greener and healthier than what we have got.